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Faith-Based Hate Arrives

Triune seems to have offended someone. I knew this was only a matter of time.

A gentleman caller has posted a few notes in our forum basically stating I am going to hell  because of the Triune rpg. You can read the posts here and here. Now, you could make any number of arguments for my soul being hell-bound, such as my fondness for the drink or all of those times I took the name of the Lord in vain while watching football, but really? A roleplaying game? I thought this is the 2010’s, not the 1980’s.

I don’t mind if people hate the book or hate me for writing it. That’s your opinion, and if your life is so empty that you need hate to fill in the empty spaces, that’s your call. But please don’t get righteous on me by saying you’ll pray for me and the people who bought Triune. That, and saying this game proves I’m “angry and sad”. You don’t like it? Go away. Read the Bible. Volunteer somewhere. But don’t tell me I’m defective because I wrote something you don’t like. That’s not Christian – that’s arrogance, akin to pride which is what brought down Lucifer.

And for the record, I have accepted Jesus Christ, thank you very much. So please peddle your arrogant advice somewhere else.

Triune prices set

Thanks to people like Fred Hicks and Ed Healy, we have set our prices for the upcoming release of the Triune RPG.

  • The Triune Quickstarter is free.
  • The Triune Corebook Players’ Edition shall cost $11.99 for PDF and $20.99 for the softcover.
  • The Triune Corebook Gamemasters’ Edition shall cost $15.99 for PDF and $24.99 for softcover.

Remember, the Gamemaster’s Edition has everything in the Players’ Edition but much more, including an introductory adventure and secrets about the setting. The Players’ Edition doesn’t have those sections so we can offer it cheaper.

We’re also offering our digital versions at much less than the softcover versions because our profit margin per title is higher with PDFs. In other words, it doesn’t cost as much to sell PDFs so we don’t need a higher price.

We will be taking pre-orders at this very site as soon as we set up our webstore. If you have any questions about the game, feel free to send us an email at wjmacguffin at gmail dot com.


The writing is done!

Believe it or not, we have finally finished writing the Corebooks for Triune!

As we discussed before, the corebook will come in two editions. The Players’ Edition has everything in the free Quickstarter but lots more, including all available prayers, lots of equipment, and plenty of setting details. It will retail as a PDF for $12 and softcover for $20. By producing a corebook without any GM material, we can offer the corebook for players at a lower price!

The Gamemasters’ Edition will have everything in both the Quickstarter and the Players’ Edition but even more, including prayers only available to angels and devils, secrets about the setting, and a complete adventure entitled, “Underground Light”. It will retail as a PDF for $17 and softcover for $25. GMs don’t have to buy both editions–only the GM Edition is needed!

We still have to add the artwork but we are hoping to release the game in the next few months. Finally!

Online glossary for Triune

I heart a good glossary, especially in a rpg. I like to read about unusual terms before delving into the book proper. It helps me understand the setting and mechanics better.

Of course, the Triune Corebooks will have a glossary. But we’ve decided to post one online as well. The online Triune glossary can be updated as necessary. We can even create links in future PDF products to the online glossary, utilizing hypertext the way it was meant to be used.

If anyone has a suggestion for a term to include, please visit the glossary and add the term to the comments. Thanks!

The Jack Chick Problem

Good old Jack Chick. Illustrator and author, he is infamous in gamer circles for his Dark Dungeons tract. However, he presents an interesting problem for both Christians and the Triune RPG.

For those unaware, Chick is a fundamentalist Christian who creates “tracts”, little comics with heavy-handed Christian messages. He claims many people worship Satan, including Catholics, Mormons, Hindus, Muslims, Wiccans, homosexuals, and more. Rock music is a tool of the Devil, as are roleplaying games and Harry Potter books. In other words, he’s a dickweed.

There’s a lot of debate on what exactly is Christ’s message for his followers. That said, it’s pretty clear that he promoted tolerance and love of sinners. Yet here’s Chick, creating tract after tract denouncing pretty much anyone who doesn’t hold an evangelical Christian faith.

How would Chick work in the Triune RPG? In the game, people with true faith can use specific prayers to affect the world. Would Chick have that power in the Triune universe?

Probably. Triune allows hypocrisy in character generation. A character can worship a religion, a sin, and a career all at once.  If Chick were an NPC in Triune, he would likely have Christian / Anger / Media as his three faiths. (Which would be his highest? You can decide that.)  This reflects real life but also allows players to have characters with inherent conflict and drama. Rarely is anyone completely focused–we are all good, bad, and more.

GM Corebook Adventure Chosen

The Triune rulebook will come in two editions: One for players and one for Gamemasters. The GM edition will have everything in the player edition plus secret information about the setting, NPCs, details on angelic and devilish powers, and a first case for the player-characters.

Over the past few years, we’ve been playtesting Triune all over the place. That means we have written several adventures (or cases as we call them). Finally, we have selected the case to be included in the GM edition.

The case is called “Underground Light” and it sends the enforcement officers across the Sol System after a piece of stolen angelic technology. It includes encounters with sympathizers for all three sides, mixes combat and investigation, and allows players to alter the game world’s balance of power. (Those of you who played Triune at the last DeKalb RPG Game Day have played this case.)

We feel this case does a great job of introducing players to the political ramifications inherent in the game, as well as providing exciting challenges. It will serve as an excellent introductory adventure for Triune.

Google OK’s Triune

In our last post, we talked about how Google wouldn’t allow us to share the rough draft of the Triune Corebook. The book is currently a Google Docs file, and for some reason, Google flagged it as inappropriate.

We are happy to report that Google has changed its mind. The rough draft can be shared with others. Not that we are sharing it with all kinds of people–it’s a huge work in progress–but it’s still nice to know we have not angered the Google.

Google thinks Triune is inappropriate

I heart Google Docs and use it for lots of projects, including the rough draft of the Triune Corebook Players’ Edition. For those not in the know, Google Docs is a free online version of your typical Office software. I can access my documents from any internet-connected PC and type, edit, etc.

Another cool feature is sharing. By adding specific gmail accounts, I can allow others to access any Google Docs file I want. I can limit their access to viewing only or even give them the right to edit the document. Great stuff!

Except … when I logged into Google Docs this morning, Google had flagged the Triune Corebook Players’ Edition rough draft as “Inappropriate” and would not let me share it with anyone. No explanation, no description of the inappropriate content, just an exclamation point next to the file and a small note saying I cannot share it.

Here are the inevitable questions which are really rants:

  • Why is Google looking at the content of my files? I’m not upset per se but why would Google bother? It’s obvious any bad content is from the user.
  • Why can’t I decide whom to share it with? It’s not like I’m opening the file to the world. I specified two people, that’s it. Can’t they decide what’s appropriate or not?
  • What’s inappropriate in the file? It’s probably something about religion since that’s always a touchy subject. But I’m curious what set off the Google Police alarm.

I’ve asked Google to review their declaration, and if they don’t change things … I dunno what to do next. Find someplace else to store files for sharing, I suppose.

I expected some controversy given the nature of the game. Still, I never expected to upset the Google.

Another Triune playtest done

Triune is nearing completion, and with the last playtest, I’m confident that the current system is complete. The Effort System and associated rules work well; players picked up the system quickly and reported positively on it.

That’s not to say there won’t be changes coming from this playtest. For example, one weapon that we might scrap is the ManCannon: A portable cannon fired by a single person like a rifle. Why remove it? Because the PCs are police detectives–why would any precinct captain authorize a 45mm weapon for use in an investigation?

Some prayers need tweaking as well. A Service Industry prayer can turn up to 3 NPCs into friends. That looks fine but, in combat, it basically takes out three enemies in one turn. We need to think about that one.

That said, we feel that we’re ready to start recruiting GMs for more independent playtests. If you are interested, please contact us at wjmacguffin at gmail. Thanks!

First artwork

We have begun working on art for Triune. Of course, we have to do this on the cheap because 1) small press publishers like us don’t have a lot of startup cash, and 2) we really are cheap. Here’s an example of an enforcement officer just after a raid on a Buddhist temple. The other is the inside of O’Hare Intersystem Lockport, the airport of the Future! Kidding aside, it’s amazing what some photoshop filters can do these days.