Triune prices set

Thanks to people likeĀ Fred Hicks andĀ Ed Healy, we have set our prices for the upcoming release of the Triune RPG.

  • The Triune Quickstarter is free.
  • The Triune Corebook Players’ Edition shall cost $11.99 for PDF and $20.99 for the softcover.
  • The Triune Corebook Gamemasters’ Edition shall cost $15.99 for PDF and $24.99 for softcover.

Remember, the Gamemaster’s Edition has everything in the Players’ Edition but much more, including an introductory adventure and secrets about the setting. The Players’ Edition doesn’t have those sections so we can offer it cheaper.

We’re also offering our digital versions at much less than the softcover versions because our profit margin per title is higher with PDFs. In other words, it doesn’t cost as much to sell PDFs so we don’t need a higher price.

We will be taking pre-orders at this very site as soon as we set up our webstore. If you have any questions about the game, feel free to send us an email at wjmacguffin at gmail dot com.


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