WJ Bibliography

(updated February 2018)

Paranoia RPG (XP edition)

  • Contributions to Stuff, WMD, Extreme PARANOIA, Service Service, and Stuff 2 (under the name Bill O’Dea).
  • Contributed and managed Criminal Histories (under the name Bill O’Dea).
  • “FFD Sector Is For Loyal Clones!” (under the name Bill O’Dea), Signs & Portents #25.

Paranoia RPG (2017 edition)

  • Contributed and managed new project (waiting on product launch to reveal).

Unknown Armies RPG

  • Contributions to Unknown Armies Kickstarter corebooks Book 2: Run and Book 3: Reveal.
  • Contributions to Unknown Armies Book 5: Mine.
  • Sunnywoods Wellness Center and Young Practicals supplements.

The Laundry RPG

  • Contributions to Mythos Dossiers, License to Summon, Cultists Under the Bed, Unconventional Diplomacy, and As Above So Below.

Other RPG Projects

  • Scattered Drop, an adventure for Future Soldier D20.
  • “An Open Letter In Defense of Gamers”, Game Geek Magazine #4. 
  • “Rubbish Emperor” and “Mother Janus”, Avalon Characters Vol. 1, Issue 9.
  • Raise a Glass, an adventure for The Day After Ragnarok.

Happy Bishop Games projects

  • Chrysalis Revolt.
  • Triune Corebook Players’ Edition and Triune Corebook GM Edition.
  • Outlive Outdead and Outlive Outdead Companion.
  • Personality Chess.


  • “Write to Life” (under pen name Bill O’Dea), Tales of the Serendip (a short story anthology).
  • “Fish Run” (under pen name Bill O’Dea), Quantum Muse Magazine.
  • “Living and Dying in Earthtown” (under pen name Bill O’Dea), Far Sector SFF Magazine.
  • “Hay Fever”, The Computer Is Your Friend (a short story anthology for Paranoia RPG)
  • Traitor Hangout (a novel for the Paranoia RPG).

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