About HBG

Happy Bishop Games is a small-press roleplaying game company founded by WJ MacGuffin. Our goal is to produce roleplaying games that are fun but also might make you think. HBG is a tiny company (i.e., me) that is run out of an attic. Why an attic? Because basements and garages are too cliche.

WJ MacGuffin wrote many sections and one book for Paranoia XP by Mongoose Publishing, although many were under the pen name “Bill O’Dea”. He also contributed to the Future Soldier D20 line by SteamPowered Games (now defunct but that has nothing to do with him, he swears).

HBG can be reached at wjmacguffin at gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you, be it some suggestions for improving our games, why you think our games rock, why you think they suck, or just to swap recipes for pie.

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