The Chrysalis Revolt: 2709 – 2710

A free parlor narration roleplaying game that grew out of an old Game Chef competition. Take roles as human nobility facing a rebellion of their genetically-modified insect servants. No dice, no cards, just roles and conversation – perfect for a bar, restaurant, or trip!


A roleplaying game mixing science fiction and religion. Character classes and powers are based on real-world religions like Christianity and Islam, sins like greed and laziness, and careers like military and media. Triune uses the Effort System, a unique d10 mechanic that allows players to control how much effort to put into an action.

Personality Chess

In this chess variant, your pieces have personalities that may not agree with your moves. The rules are still there, but when you declare your move, you must roll on a chart to see if your piece obeys your command … or obeys his personality. A small and inexpensive game available in a variety of digital formats.

Outlive Outdead

Outlive Outdead is a cinematic zombie roleplaying game with both cooperative and “Player vs. Player” elements. Zombies have risen and humanity struggles to survive in a horrific, deadly world. The game includes many unique aspects including: Play a human, and when he dies, play zombies!; character attributes based on what’s necessary in a zombie apocalypse, such as Flee and Scrounge; Fast and easy rules for fluid, cinematic gameplay; roll high for success, but if you roll too high, your human snaps from the stress; and more!


Outlive Outdead Companion

This collection of five adventures for Outlive Outdead features new rules, equipment, motivations, and abilities for both human and zombie characters. Each adventure is set in a different time and include Stone Age, Arthurian England, Jacobean Scotland, World War One, and Science Fiction. Pregens are included for each, making it a snap to get started!

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One by One

A survival horror storytelling rpg. As with the game Fiasco, players take turns creating scenes and building a story. But instead of focusing on a crime involving people with poor impulse control, One by One focuses on a monster stalking the characters, killing them off one by one!

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