One by One

1x1 quickstart cover-page-001One by One is a survival horror storytelling rpg. As with the game Fiasco, players take turns creating scenes and building a story. But instead of focusing on a crime involving people with poor impulse control, One by One focuses on a monster stalking the characters, killing them off one by one.

Some of the key features of our new game include:

  • Different settings and monsters. Struggle to escape Mythos creatures in 1920?s New England, a serial killer in a 1980?s summer camp, or an alien creature aboard a spaceship bound for Earth.
  • Strong narrative control. When it is your turn, you frame the scene. Everyone playing in the scene can add details and shape the direction, but it is your scene–you can decide if new details are irrelevant or off-topic.
  • Fast-paced, powerful beginning. All games start halfway through the story. No struggling to decide where to go–you’re already involved!
  • Flashback scenes: While you will create scenes that move the story forward, you can also create flashback scenes that can impact the future. Does your character need a gun? Use a flashback to give her one!
  • Survival horror: One by one, characters are killed off until there is only one survivor. (But because you can play flashback scenes, you are never out of the game.)

One by One is currently undergoing playtests and will be released as a Kickstarter campaign.

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