The writing is done!

Believe it or not, we have finally finished writing the Corebooks for Triune!

As we discussed before, the corebook will come in two editions. The Players’ Edition has everything in the free Quickstarter but lots more, including all available prayers, lots of equipment, and plenty of setting details. It will retail as a PDF for $12 and softcover for $20. By producing a corebook without any GM material, we can offer the corebook for players at a lower price!

The Gamemasters’ Edition will have everything in both the Quickstarter and the Players’ Edition but even more, including prayers only available to angels and devils, secrets about the setting, and a complete adventure entitled, “Underground Light”. It will retail as a PDF for $17 and softcover for $25. GMs don’t have to buy both editions–only the GM Edition is needed!

We still have to add the artwork but we are hoping to release the game in the next few months. Finally!

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