The Road to Being Published

Anyone can write a roleplaying game. (We’re proof of that!) However, getting that game published is another thing entirely, especially for small press operations like us. After reading lots of message boards and talking to people in real life, we’ve discovered there’s a lot of mystery and confusion regarding the road to being published.

Therefore, Happy Bishop Games will be documenting the process. As we move along that road to being published, we will be posting updates here with details on art, layout, digital publishing, physical publishing, distribution, and the like. Feel free to make comments, tell us we’re stupid, or heap praise upon us. We especially like the third option, as we have a collectively low self-esteem.

We hope this will serve as inspiration and even a resource to others who would like to produce their own games. At the very least, it will help us remember how we did it–we tend to drink a lot and our memory isn’t what it was.

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