GM Corebook Adventure Chosen

The Triune rulebook will come in two editions: One for players and one for Gamemasters. The GM edition will have everything in the player edition plus secret information about the setting, NPCs, details on angelic and devilish powers, and a first case for the player-characters.

Over the past few years, we’ve been playtesting Triune all over the place. That means we have written several adventures (or cases as we call them). Finally, we have selected the case to be included in the GM edition.

The case is called “Underground Light” and it sends the enforcement officers across the Sol System after a piece of stolen angelic technology. It includes encounters with sympathizers for all three sides, mixes combat and investigation, and allows players to alter the game world’s balance of power. (Those of you who played Triune at the last DeKalb RPG Game Day have played this case.)

We feel this case does a great job of introducing players to the political ramifications inherent in the game, as well as providing exciting challenges. It will serve as an excellent introductory adventure for Triune.

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