The Jack Chick Problem

Good old Jack Chick. Illustrator and author, he is infamous in gamer circles for his Dark Dungeons tract. However, he presents an interesting problem for both Christians and the Triune RPG.

For those unaware, Chick is a fundamentalist Christian who creates “tracts”, little comics with heavy-handed Christian messages. He claims many people worship Satan, including Catholics, Mormons, Hindus, Muslims, Wiccans, homosexuals, and more. Rock music is a tool of the Devil, as are roleplaying games and Harry Potter books. In other words, he’s a dickweed.

There’s a lot of debate on what exactly is Christ’s message for his followers. That said, it’s pretty clear that he promoted tolerance and love of sinners. Yet here’s Chick, creating tract after tract denouncing pretty much anyone who doesn’t hold an evangelical Christian faith.

How would Chick work in the Triune RPG? In the game, people with true faith can use specific prayers to affect the world. Would Chick have that power in the Triune universe?

Probably. Triune allows hypocrisy in character generation. A character can worship a religion, a sin, and a career all at once.  If Chick were an NPC in Triune, he would likely have Christian / Anger / Media as his three faiths. (Which would be his highest? You can decide that.)  This reflects real life but also allows players to have characters with inherent conflict and drama. Rarely is anyone completely focused–we are all good, bad, and more.

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