Another Triune playtest done

Triune is nearing completion, and with the last playtest, I’m confident that the current system is complete. The Effort System and associated rules work well; players picked up the system quickly and reported positively on it.

That’s not to say there won’t be changes coming from this playtest. For example, one weapon that we might scrap is the ManCannon: A portable cannon fired by a single person like a rifle. Why remove it? Because the PCs are police detectives–why would any¬†precinct captain authorize a 45mm weapon for use in an investigation?

Some prayers need tweaking as well. A Service Industry prayer can turn up to 3 NPCs into friends. That looks fine but, in combat, it basically takes out three enemies in one turn. We need to think about that one.

That said, we feel that we’re ready to start recruiting GMs for more independent playtests. If you are interested, please contact us at wjmacguffin at gmail. Thanks!

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