Faith-Based Hate Arrives

Triune seems to have offended someone. I knew this was only a matter of time.

A gentleman caller has posted a few notes in our forum basically stating I am going to hell ┬ábecause of the Triune rpg. You can read the posts here and here. Now, you could make any number of arguments for my soul being hell-bound, such as my fondness for the drink or all of those times I took the name of the Lord in vain while watching football, but really? A roleplaying game? I thought this is the 2010’s, not the 1980’s.

I don’t mind if people hate the book or hate me for writing it. That’s your opinion, and if your life is so empty that you need hate to fill in the empty spaces, that’s your call. But please don’t get righteous on me by saying you’ll pray for me and the people who bought Triune. That, and saying this game proves I’m “angry and sad”. You don’t like it? Go away. Read the Bible. Volunteer somewhere. But don’t tell me I’m defective because I wrote something you don’t like. That’s not Christian – that’s arrogance, akin to pride which is what brought down Lucifer.

And for the record, I have accepted Jesus Christ, thank you very much. So please peddle your arrogant advice somewhere else.

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  1. bigznak

    Amen to your comments Wj. As a catholic, I have never been offended by your games. You are exactly right, its a Game!!!

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