Gives us your artworks!

Triune is muddling along, slowly but surely, and we are getting close to finishing the Players Rulebook. That means we need to worry about art–and worry we shall.

On one hand, we hate art in rpgs books. Artwork will drive up the cost of our product and, since we have the artistic ability of a flatworm on meth, we hate anything we can’t do ourselves. (Control! Must have control!)

On the other hand, commissioning artwork makes us feel like a real game company. We’re doing what the big boys do! (Unfortunately, we don’t have the money that the big boys have.) Also, it will make the finished product more attractive and hopefully increase sales. We’re not looking to make big bucks or anything, but we wouldn’t mind enough cash to continue producing game materials.

How are we going to pay for it? We have no idea right now. We can drop some money on the more important pieces, but we’re also using DRM-free art/photos where appropriate. (See our Quickstart Guide for examples.)

That said, if you know any struggling artists out there who might be interested in getting underpaid, please send us an email! (wjmacguffin at

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