Blue Collar Prayers

construction_workersWhat do you think the prayers of the working man are like?

In Triune, faith isn’t restricted to organized religions such as Christianity or Judaism. Characters can worship Hell by embracing sins such as greed or lust, or they can worship the Hegemony (the human government) by having faith in their career.

We are finishing the prayers of the Worker: a “class” of blue collar workers in the Hegemony. Because of the weave, manufacturing jobs are few and far between but there are still plenty of menial tasks needed to be done. That’s where the working man comes in. Characters “worshiping” their blue collar status (“Unlike those upper class snobs, I get my hands dirty and I’m proud of it!”) gain prayers like every character class in Triune.

What are those prayers? Here’s a sampling:

  • Lost in a Crowd – Become invisible in a group of 6 or more people.
  • Seize the Means – Cause a single machine to stop working.
  • Just the Hired Help – Make NPCs think you’re a low-level employee at whatever business you’re currently located in.
  • Unionize – Command several NPCs nearby. While they won’t do anything obviously suicidal, they can be commanded to attack against overwhelming odds or do illegal things.

Yes, these are the prayers of the working man.

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