Out of control writing?

As we commented on before, we are busy fleshing out the world of Triune. In doing so, we have screwed up and made more work for us–but this is probably a good thing.

Since the game delves deeply into that wonderful place where religion and law meet, we are committing good space to describing the various nations/worlds of the setting. (USA, EU, Luna, etc.) Also, while playing the game, players can shift nations towards Heaven, Hell, or the Hegemony. So we’ve been writing descriptions on these nations, including underground organizations active therein. (As usual, they are either terrorists or freedom fighters depending on your point of view.)

The bits on underground organizations tended to explain what the organization is all about to explain why their active in that particular nation. After writing this way repeatedly, we realized we should make a new section devoted to explaining underground organizations in the setting. This would create good adventure hooks, and it just makes sense.

Which means we have to cut all the underground group material from the setting info, put it in a new place, and write new stuff about what each group is doing in each nation. Crap. Is this book ever going to get finished? Has writing material for Triune gotten out of control? Not sure, but I’ll worry about that later. Right now, I’ve got some major editing to do.

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