Monthly Archives: October 2010

Cyborg bugs and ant cameras

This interesting article from the EE Times describes how DARPA (Defense Advance Research Projects Agency) is working on creating cyborg bugs. They’re implanting tiny electric/mechanical devices to use insects for┬áreconnaissance in places too dangerous or hard to reach for soldiers. Some of the gear in Triune is similar. In fact, we coined a term to

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New Quickstarter for Triune

After being thoroughly edited for even more gaming goodness, the latest version of the Triune Quickstarter is available for free! The quickstarter has all the information necessary to play Triune: A brief intro to the setting, character generation, and the barebones rules. This is and will always be free to download. Help yourself! The upcoming

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Druids outside of D&D?

As this article explains, Britain is now officially recognizing druids as a faith with the same legitimacy as Christians, Jews, and Muslims. (Which begs the question: Should we capitalize the ‘d’ in ‘druids’ now?) Good for you, neo-pagan hippies of the UK! (I kid! I kid because I don’t understand.) Triune uses six religions as

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