Bishop Long Scandal = Multiclassing

We are not weighing in on the scandal involving allegations of homosexuality with Bishop Eddie Long. We don’t know if he’s innocent, guilty, or somewhere in between. However, we are not above using this scandal to talk about our upcoming roleplaying game, Triune.

In the game, characters use religions, sins, and careers as character classes. For example, the setting’s president of the USA, Oscar Ramirez, has Christian / Pride / Politics as this classes. In early D&D terms, he multiclasses.

We set this up primarily because it helps describe how complex people truly are. Nobody is one-dimensional: Even saints like Mother Theresa or unrepentant sinners like Adolph Hitler have more than one side to them. By giving three classes to each character, they become more real and enjoyable.

Plus, it gives the players more control over their character. As they play sessions of Triune, they gain faith points to spend on unlocking new prayers. If you start out as Islam / Anger / Media, how should your character evolve? Besides unlocking new prayers, your character will grow and change over time.

So are Bishop Long’ s three classes ┬áChristian / Pleasure / Politics? Is he a politically savvy preacher with a penchant for lust? We don’t know. But it wouldn’t surprise us either. Not because of who Bishop Long is, but because people are complex and even contradictory.

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