Cyborg bugs and ant cameras

This interesting article from the EE Times describes how DARPA (Defense Advance Research Projects Agency) is working on creating cyborg bugs. They’re implanting tiny electric/mechanical devices to use insects for┬áreconnaissance in places too dangerous or hard to reach for soldiers.

Some of the gear in Triune is similar. In fact, we coined a term to describe technology in our game: 3tech. It’s the combination of digital, biological, and nanotechnological forms. One of our examples is the ant camera. It’s an ant with a tiny camera built into its head. You control the ant with your thoughts, and it feeds the video either into a computer or directly into your head. Enforcement officers use these to spy on suspects; who would notice an ant?

The funny thing is how Triune is set in the 22nd century. DARPA is trying to roll out these cyborg bugs in a few years. So much for predicting the future.

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