Druids outside of D&D?

As this article explains, Britain is now officially recognizing druids as a faith with the same legitimacy as Christians, Jews, and Muslims. (Which begs the question: Should we capitalize the ‘d’ in ‘druids’ now?) Good for you, neo-pagan hippies of the UK! (I kid! I kid because I don’t understand.)

Triune uses six religions as character classes: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, and Shenism (Chinese folk). We chose these six for two reasons: 1) These are some of the biggest religions on the planet; and 2) We have to draw the line somewhere. At least for the core book, we cannot include everyone’s favorite religion.

Once the book is published, we will likely have a contest about creating a new religion, complete with powers, for use in an upcoming Triune supplement. Until then, think about what other world religion needs to be included in the game. Jainism? Wicca? Atheism?