Monthly Archives: October 2009

Out of control writing?

As we commented on before, we are busy fleshing out the world of Triune. In doing so, we have screwed up and made more work for us–but this is probably a good thing. Since the game delves deeply into that wonderful place where religion and law meet, we are committing good space to describing the

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Chrysalis Revolt released

After a long time of editing, re-editing, figuring out how to use InDesign, sleeping, and more editing, Happy Bishop Games is proud to announce the release of its first product: The Chrysalis Revolt 2709-2710. Chrysalis Revolt started as an entry to the 2008 GameChef competition. GameChef is a contest where people design complete roleplaying games

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Fightin’ Buddhists?

How would Buddhists fight back against a government bent on forcing them to renounce Buddhism? We’ve been working on illegal and underground groups in the world of Triune. Since all faith is illegal, the government is tasked with stamping out all religions. That means religions have moved underground. We can see secret Islamic, Jewish, and

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