Fightin’ Buddhists?

buddhist monkHow would Buddhists fight back against a government bent on forcing them to renounce Buddhism?

We’ve been working on illegal and underground groups in the world of Triune. Since all faith is illegal, the government is tasked with stamping out all religions. That means religions have moved underground. We can see secret Islamic, Jewish, and Christian groups easily, especially ones who fight against the government. But Buddhists?

In recent years, real Buddhists have peacefully protested. Would they do the same in our future dystopia? We believe so. We see Buddhists simply refusing to stop their prayers, rituals, and offerings. Perhaps some protests marches, but that’s about it. No terrorism, no assassinations, nothing violent.

So, yes, we will include an underground Buddhist movement, but unlike the others, this will be peaceful. That doesn’t sounds too fun in an rpg, but it makes sense.

2 comments on “Fightin’ Buddhists?”

  1. Dirk

    Just cause Buddhist monks won’t hurt others, doesn’t mean they can’t protest “violently”.

    During the 70s, Buddhist monks would protest by pouring gasoline upon themselves. Some would even go so far as to light a match, and become a burning inferno.

  2. WJ MacGuffin

    Thanks, I had forgotten about those protests. We’e not sure if they would consider that violent since it’s not directed towards another, but that’s probably just splitting hairs.

    What we meant was that Buddhists wouldn’t organize an armed resistence the way other religions probably would. Islamic guerrillas? Sure. Christian bombings? Okay. Buddhist assassinations? Um, no.

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