We will Kickstarter it

That’s right, we are turning Outlive Outdead into a Kickstarter project–just not yet.

For those not clued in, Kickstarter is an online “funding platform”. That means artists, musicians, film makers, and game designers who need funds to make a project successful can post the project on the Kickstarter website. People pledge money to help make the project a reality.

It’s not like a traditional funding scheme where backers are paid back their initial donation plus a little extra. Instead, backers are given a choice of rewards to thank them for their patronage. Pledge a low amount and you can get a copy of the finished book, movie, or whatever. Pledge a lot and you can get a copy plus all kinds of extras. It’s whatever you want/can pay.

Getting our first game, Triune, out the door was very difficult financially. Our art and printing costs ran much higher than we expected, and that has hurt our ability to move forward with new games. By using Kickstarter to release Outlive Outdead, we hope to gain the needed funds beforehand.

But it’s more than just money. Kickstarter is a unique, crowd-sourced alternative to traditional publishing. It allows us to create unique, personalized rewards for those willing to back us financially. Which rewards? We’ll talk about that tomorrow.

We plan on starting our Kickstarter project in the next few weeks. Check back here for more information.


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