Personalized rewards

How would you like a zombie-you in a rpg book?

As we said yesterday, Outlive Outdead will become a Kickstarter project in the next few weeks. In return for pledging money, we will be offering various rewards. That’s how Kickstarter works. But we’re putting a lot of effort into making these rewards interesting and, at the risk of sounding all hoity-toity, very modern. Post-modern. Something like that, anyway.

Of course, people will have a chance to get a copy of the game (PDF, softcover, or hardcover), but we will be offering the option of editing the introductory adventure with place and people names of your choosing. Yes, you can get a print edition customized with a zombie adventure set in your hometown!

Not only that, but another reward asks backers to send us a digital picture of themselves. We will perform some Photoshop magic to turn you into a zombie and then put you in your edition of the game. Again, even print editions will have a zombified you as in-game artwork!

There are other rewards (signed copies, dice, stickers, even a vial containing a “zombie-infected blood sample”), but we’re excited about offering such personalized products. In the classical book publication method, this would be┬áprohibitively expensive. Today, it will cost us a little more through higher mailing costs but, as we will print on-demand through Lulu, the cost of printing 30 softcover editions of 1 file is the same as printing 30 softcover editions of 30 different files.

We will truly offer a unique game book. Pass that along, will you? We’re starting our Kickstarter in another week or so, and we’ll need the help!

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  1. drae

    I also love the idea. When can we expect to see this go live?

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