Triune in three flavors

After some debate, brainstorming, and drinking, Happy Bishop Games decided to create three versions of the main rulebook for Triune RPG. This is not some attempt to follow Microsoft’s branding strategy of creating so many editions that you don’t know which one to buy. No, instead we are creating different versions for different audiences: Casual or first-time players, regular players, and gamemasters.

The Triune RPG Quickstart Rules will give the reader just enough information to make a new character and play the game. It will include enough setting information to understand the game, an explanation of the Effort System, an how to make a first-level character. Best of all, this will be a FREE download from this site. If you’re running a game of Triune, you could point your players here and they can get the info they need for free.

The Triune RPG Players’ Guide has all the information in the Quickstart rules and more. It will include an in-character introduction to the game, more details about the setting, rules for improving your characters (i.e. leveling up), and details on all the faiths, prayers, and gear available in the game. This is more the traditional players’ guide but will not include anything for the gamemaster. Currently, we plan to offer this guide as a PDF for around $8.00. That’s cheap because we omitted all the GM info that players don’t need anyway. The Players’ Guide will be perfect for regular players who don’t need all that GM stuff.

The Triune RPG Gamemasters’ Rulebook has all the stuff from the Quickstart and the Players’ Guide and, of course, more. The setting is explored in detail, including entries on each nation and the current political and criminal situations therein, gear from Heaven and Hell, plenty of NPCs and secret organizations, and advice on running the game including using different playstyles. The rulebook will be available as a PDF and paperback for around $20.00. Obviously, it’s designed only for Gamemasters but anyone can read it.

Our hope is to provide what customers want at the price they expect. Why buy the big corebook when all you want to do is play the game?

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