Popular? Us?

Our Kickstarter campaign is going well. After just two days, we have raised 20% of our funding goal. But as anyone who’s been through high school knows, it’s not about how much you raise–it’s about how popular you are.

And we are at least somewhat popular! Kickstarter has a page of projects that are “Popular” and Outlive Outdead is on it!¬†Of course, we have no idea what counts as popular for Kickstarter. We also don’t care. We’re somewhat popular! Now maybe those cheerleaders will finally notice us!

Damn. Projecting my adolescent failures again. I’ll try to keep that under control in the future.

Anyway, don’t forget to back Outlive Outdead and to spread the word. The more people hear about us, the more likely this project will succeed. And the more popular we become!

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