Kickstarter is a GO!

Now we’ve done it. We’ve started our Kickstarter project for Outlive Outdead.

Our zombie roleplaying game is open for backing. We need your help! It costs a lot to get a game book out the door, especially if you want to offer print copies instead of just PDFs. That’s why we’ve turned to Kickstarter in hopes of raising the funds.

But that’s not the only reason. We really like the idea of creating rewards for people, not just offering a product for sale. It’s also community-based instead of just shipping copies to a store. We can connect with people in a way not available otherwise. Fine, that sounds a bit hippy and whatnot but it’s true.

There is one key to success for Kickstarter: spreading the word. Please help us by talking to your friends and passing along the link.

Tell everyone you can about this game! I mean, it’s got zombies, humans, shotguns, chainsaws, running, biting, hiding bites, character motivation, character death, character undeath, and more! People can always download the playtest edition for free to see what the game is like before backing our project. (It’s an unfinished version of the core rulebook without art or formatting but the rules are there.)

We’ll be posting updates regularly about Outlive Outdead. Not that we haven’t before, but this Kickstarter will be like fiber, making us more regular.

Ick. Skip that metaphor, will you?

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