Free Quickstarter for One by One

We are gearing up for launching One by One, our storytelling RPG of survival horror, in the next few months. That means getting quotes for artwork, experimenting with layout design, and figuring out that hot mess known as Kickstarter.

But that also means we have created a free version of the One by One rules. The One by One Quickstarter has all of the core rules in a small, artwork-free PDF. Not only do we hope to build some buzz before the game launches, we believe every player should have access to the core rules. That’s why this is a free download. So get it and pass it around all you want. It’s free!

What will the finished product have that this does not? Lots of stuff: scripts, which are our version of the Fiasco playsets (which, in turn, is sort of like an adventure or scenario); artwork; glossary; mediography; index; table of contents; and more. In other words, the One by One Quickstarter can be used to play the game, but you’d definitely want the real deal eventually.

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