Experimenting with a torrent

As we said yesterday, we’ve made a playtest edition of Outlive Outdead available for free downloads. It’s not complete–there’s no artwork, the formatting is bland, and most of the GM’s section still needs to be written–but it’s playable. And it’s available as a torrent.

This is our experiment: To make Outlive Outdead available for free on torrent sites (such as Demonoid) in hopes that people will like what they see and buy the real thing when it comes out. Will some people grab this freebie and run for the hills? Of course! This is the internet, after all. But given how the book has limitations, we’re gambling that the word-of-mouth effect will more than compensate for any loss of sales. “Word of mouth”? Sounds too unprofessional. How about “Web 2.0 marketing scheme”? Yes, that’s better.

Over two days, our playtest edition book has been downloaded 152 times and is currently seeded by 30 users. That’s way more exposure than we would have gotten simply by offering the PDF from our site alone!

So if you’d like to know what all the hype is about, download the torrent. Or just download the PDF from our site. Either way, you can playtest the game or just read and enjoy.

As for finally releasing the game, more on that soon.

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