Anyone want to playtest?

Outlive Outdead is moving closer to publication. Right now, we’re moving into open playtesting. Care to play?

A playtest version of the rulebook is available here as a large PDF file. It doesn’t include any art and the formatting is bland, but it has everything you need: character generation, rules, equipment lists, pregens, and the introductory adventure.

We’ve playtested these rules ourselves and believe they are more-or-less ready. More importantly, we had great fun! Shambling mobs of flesh-hungry undead surrounding a father and daughter, fruitlessly shooting into the crowd;     players debating whether to shoot an injured survivor because he might be infected; a player hiding his bite from the team until he turns and tries to eat them; all good zombie fun!

So if you’re interested, download the playtest edition and give it a read. As always, let us know if you have any comments or questions!

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