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My Little Store

We plan on selling Triune through OneBookShelf (owners of DriveThruRPG and RPGNow websites) and Indie Press Revolution, all excellent online retailers. However, we can earn a little more per transaction if we sell Triune directly from this website.

But that requires a store in this website, done in WordPress. It would have to be run by us, which means me–WJ. I can’t keep potted plants alive (not even ferns), so how can I run an online store?

Turns out it’s not that hard.

First, we already set up our business as a sole proprietorship by filing the correct paperwork with our county clerk. That made us real. Then we explored a variety of free and low-cost shopping cart plugins for WordPress. After much reading and demoing, we landed with a little company called E-Junkie. Here’s why.

E-Junkie integrates into WordPress fairly easily. (There’s a nice plugin but I had to mess with some coding to make the store look nice.) Connecting E-Junkie to our PayPal business account was even easier. They will even host our PDFs and make them available to buyers as a unique, watermarked PDF download. (Since it doesn’t take up our site’s bandwidth AND automatically provides the product–as opposed to me having to email it every time–it’s a life saver.)

The cost? A flat $5.oo per month. Yes, there are good shopping cart options out there that are completely free, but I will gladly pay five bucks so I don’t have to do the emailing myself. All I have to do is set the prices (done) and upload the PDFs to their servers. Oh, and set up the store itself as a new page. More on that later.


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