Triune available for preorders

We are *that* close to releasing both Triune corebooks. We still have some work to do on the covers and some editing to finish, but we anticipate being able to complete everything in the next 2 weeks.

Therefore, our webstore is open!

We are taking preorders for the Triune Corebook Players’ Edition PDF and the Triune Corebook Gamemasters’ Edition PDF. We are not taking preorders for softcover at this time, as we still need to work out a few details with Lightning Source, our POD publisher. If you wish to preorder an ePub version of either edition, please send me an email and we can talk.

To celebrate the grand opening of our webstore, we are taking $2.00 off both editions! Our webstore is the only place you can place Triune preorders and save $2 on each, so tell your friends, neighbors, enemies, classmates, flatmates, checkmates, and those guys in the dark suits who are watching your house from the van across the street to preorder today!

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