Another playtest

I’m working with Paul Baldowski on Outlive Outdead and he just ran a playtest of the introductory adventure, Finding Mr. FEMA. It was just part of the adventure, but it’s a great report!

It looks like the players had fun, which is the most important thing. One interesting emergence that I didn’t think of was using breaks to further character development. Breaks are when your character snaps from the stress. It’s a success but there’s a troubling side-effect, such as attacking a zombie well past what you needed to defeat it or refusing to let anyone touch the item you just repaired for fear they’ll break it again.

In the playtest, Paul’s players used breaks to explore their characters. When a character broke, the player created a traumatic flashback to explain the break. I always thought fighting undead zombies would be enough to explain breaking, but these are wonderful! Cheers to the players for a great idea.

You can read the playtest here. There are some spoilers, technically, since it describes the introductory adventure.

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