Zombies in a Bundle

Ah, the bag of holding. A treasure from old school D&D, it was a sack connected to a pocket dimension. You could put a herd of elephants inside it and still looked like a little bag. Very useful but still not as cool as the Bundle of Holding.

This gem is a collection of roleplaying games (PDFs mostly, some ePUB) from a variety of designers and companies, all current editions and DRM-free, so you can share these with friends. Until 10/26/13 (only 4 days!), you can purchase 5 horror rpgs, including:

  • Exquisite Replicas: Your slow descent into madness and terror, and your attempts to fight back.
  • In Dark Alleys: Heretics driven to seek truth despite danger. (This is the ONLY place to get a PDF of this game!)
  • Outlive Outdead: Play a human–and when he dies, play zombies. (Yes, our game!)
  • Rotworld: Fight for survival in a world gone to rotters.
  • Abandon All Hope: Hell is other people. And weird psychic aliens. Aboard a prison spaceship.

Normally, buying all 5 games would cost around $69.00 USD. But that’s not how the Bundle of Holding works, Instead, you set your own price (min. of $6.95 USD). You can get five great horror rpgs for a fraction of the price!

But that’s not all! (The Bundle of Holding is aptly named.) If you agree to pay more than the current average price (which is listed on the bottom of the Bundle page), you will receive 2 bonus games:

The Bundle of Holding accepts Google Wallet, PayPal, and Amazon Payments. All are downloaded from links emailed to you.

Good enough? Not for the Bundle of Holding! 10% of your payment goes to two charities: Strive for College and Deworm the World.

To summarize: You can get 7 great horror rpgs for less than the cost of 1, and a portion of the proceeds goes to two worthy charities. Beat that! 

The Bundle of Holding won’t last forever! Head over there now before it disappears!

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