Who is this Teilhard guy?

Teilhard’s Agents is based somewhat on the work of the real Teilhard, so we thought a brief introduction is in order.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881 – 1955) was a French philosopher, paleontologist, geologist, and Jesuit priest. Unlike some Christians, he embraced evolution and went so far as to suggest humanity (and the universe itself) will evolve into the Omega Point, a maximum level of complexity and consciousness–also known as Christ. Yes, he suggests we will one day evolve to become Jesus Christ.

Although Teilhard did not coin the term noosphere–that honor belongs to Ukranian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky–Teilhard emphasized how the noosphere is made up of human minds. He repeatedly got in hot water with the Catholic Church over his teachings, which is enough to make him a hero in my book. Philip K. Dick was also a big fan of Teilhard–’nuff said. (He also influences one of my favorite science fiction series, the Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons.) Given how the noosphere (and its connection to human minds) is the cornerstone of the game’s setting, Teilhard’s work is vital to this game.

Basing a rpg on a Jesuit priest who believed humanity will evolve into God? You could do worse.

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