Triune campaign playtest

Thanks to a very nice group of gamers, Triune shall be playtested some more starting on Sunday, 04/05/09.

Triune has already been playtested at Origins, GenCon, and locally, but this time we’re playing a campaign to test drive character development mechanics and long-term gameplay.

The first case is “Mercury & Intuition”. Our team of enforcers are sent to the European Union to stop an assassin that’s killing Members of Parliament and hacking their backups to cause final death. These politicians are all members of the Federal Conservative Party and a very controversial bill is up for vote one day from now. Are the assassinations political? Is someone trying to derail the bill? Or is there a deeper agenda behind the killings?

The second case is “Gategate”. The Martian Corporate State is accusing the Free Martian Commonwealth of building a gate to Heaven, a dire violation of the Treaty. The enforcers must infiltrate the “Red Mars” government and find out if they really are building a gate. Of course, enforcers should be wary. The MCS hates the FMC and this could just be another play in their ongoing game.

The third case is “Jovian Spin”. The HS Henry Grinnell, a destroyer in the Hegemony navy, went missing during the Trinity War. Now it’s been sighted in orbit around Jupiter. Given the circumstances, the Hegemony decides enforcers should go in first. The ship’s orbit is decaying, and spending time in Jupiter’s magnetic and radiation fields is not a good thing, so the team should figure out what happened and leave quickly.

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