The halfway point

Our Kickstarter campaign for Outlive Outdead is halfway over, and we’re very happy with how things have gone so far.

Our goal is $2,000 USD and we’re are currently (as of 05/16/12) at $1,582 USD. That’s 79% of our goal with 2 and a half weeks left! Not too shabby!

We have 46 backers from all over, including the USA, UK, Canada, Norway, and Australia. 41% of our funds come from people who found our game on Kickstarter’s pages, while the other 59% came from other sites such as, ENWorld, UKRoleplayers, and Facebook.

Still, we need to hit our goal in 17 days or this will all be for nothing. That’s why I ask, beg, and implore you to tell others about this Kickstarter. Send out emails! Tell your friends and family to back this great game. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Google+, and the rest! Even people who might only have a passing knowledge of you should be made aware of this campaign. For Pete’s sake, there’s some dumb email chains floating around the internet–let’s start something that has some actual merit!

To all of you who spread the word, thank you!

To all of you who have backed the project, thank you! You rock!

To all of you who haven’t backed the project yet, what can we do to get that pledge? Send us an email (wjmacguffin at gmail dot com) and talk to us. We’re quite nice most days!

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