The beautiful pain of customizations

I know this sounds icky, but sometimes pain is beautiful.

As part of the rewards for backing the Outlive Outdead Kickstarter campaign, we offered to customize the introductory adventure that comes with the game. I loved this idea (and still do). It’s amazing that I have the technology allowing me to create personalized PDFs and physical books for so many people!

Of course, just because the tech is there doesn’t mean it’s not work. For each person, I need to edit close to 70 words covering 12 separate files. It takes around 45 minutes to customize one PDF, then another five to compile it and 20 minutes to upload it. This is the pain. It’s also the reason I haven’t seen the sun in a few days.

But it’s a beautiful pain! I’m placing the introductory adventure–an episode set while the zombie apocalypse is in full swing–in so many places! I just love the idea of customers getting a product set in their hometowns, using local landmarks and friends to bring it to life. (Heh.)

And the places! In the original version, the players start near Chicago, USA. Customized versions have the players start near places like Nottingham, Adelaide, Tallahassee, Quezon City, Portland, Baltimore, Birmingham, Cedar Rapids, and Wagga Wagga. (Yes, that’s a real city in Australia.) Everyone is looting their local outdoor retailers, building safe zones in local malls, and more. Then there’s the fun of placing family and friends in the game too–many have put in their spouse or even children as survivors and zombies.

It’s wonderful to see the zombie apocalypse happening all over the world, isn’t it?

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  1. bigznak

    It is very appreciated. I checked my pdf and saw all the changes, and thought “how cool, my very own adventure in Madison Wisconsin”. Very cool idea, and I love it.

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