Stretch goal: Free Triune RPG

The Kickstarter campaign for Outlive Outdead still has a good 10 days left, and we’re already over our initial goal of $2,000. That means it’s time for a stretch goal.

If we reach $3,000 then every backer will receive a free PDF copy of our first roleplaying game, Triune. That’s right, a free game!

Triune has a unique mix of science fiction, crime drama, and religion with its own system and setting unlike any other. It has good reviews and, if we may wax egotistical for a moment, it’s a great game. You won’t find anything else like it. Besides, it even got us some religious-based hate! If a rpg offends religious nutcases, it must be good!

Lastly, a special note to anyone who is on the fence about backing Outlive Outdead. Send me an email. Let me know what would help you decide to back our game, and we’ll talk about it. I’m sure we can work something out.

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