I normally don’t get political with this site, because that’s not the point. However, this is something I really believe in and will use my bully pulpit–as small as it is–to spread the word.

The Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, is an attempt to limit internet piracy of copyrighted material. I’m all for that. However, this law is dangerous. It allows businesses to force the government into shutting down websites. That’s censorship. Sure, backers of SOPA claim it would only be used for shutting down websites that distribute pirated material, but remember how the RIAA conducted themselves? Suing children and grandmothers? Now imagine if the RIAA could force the government to do its dirty work.

Besides, SOPA is broadly defined, meaning if you posted a picture of your family at Disney World on your blog, your blog could be shut down for using Disney trademarks without permission. Is that likely? No. Then again, Disney has sued preschools in the past for using their intellectual property without paying for it. Do you really want to give that much power to businesses?

For more details, check out this site or this one.

Yet again, it’s large businesses verses the people. Make the right choice.

American Censorship Day

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