I Worship My Congressman

What happens when you give a group of people, tortured by starvation and disease, plenty of food and medicine? They worship you, of course.

In Triune, the Hegemony controls the weave–a combination of a replicator and the internet. If you are a citizen of the Hegemony, you can download things from thin air. While everyone has a budget to limit how much they can download (so they don’t pollute the world with Pokemon cards and porn), some things are almost free: food, medicine, clean water, etc.

BD-fishermenImagine the poverty-stricken people in third-world countries suddenly getting access to the weave. They can feed themselves, their children, their parents, etc. They can get real medicine. They can even get an education by downloading knowledge directly into their minds. Yes, the promised land arrived.

Who brought the promised land? The Hegemony. That’s why many in southwest Asia (Myanmar, Burma, Bangladesh, etc.) practically worship the Hegemony. Their support and admiration are endless. In game terms, that means they get powers just like followers of Heaven and Hell. They can “pray” to the Hegemony and their powerful faith will alter reality.

This is a perfect example of how the third side in Triune, the Hegemony, can be a source for powers used by player-characters or important NPCs. It’s the power of faith that provides the energy, and sometimes people worship their leaders. When leaders help people escape starvation and sickness, then that worship has some legitimacy.

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