Getting ready for GenCon

Here at Happy Bishop Games, we are busy filling up the car with gas, snacks, games, and even some clean clothes. GenCon 2011 is almost here!

We will be running three games of Triune. The Saturday 2pm game is sold out but tickets are still available for:

The Triune Corebook (Gamemasters’ Edition) will also be on sale as a softcover at the Indie Press Revolution booth in the Exhibitor Hall. Don’t forget that the Exhibitor Hall has moved this year–it’s located in the expansion on the south side of the Indianapolis Convention Center.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to load the audio version of World War Z on the trusty mp3 player. Otherwise, the ride through the Indiana wastelands will drive us insane.

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  1. bigznak

    Just wanted to say that I am super jealous. Sucks to be me, but Congrats on having a published rpg book at the ipr booth.

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