First HBG Business Report

It can be easy to let a sole proprietorship get away from you. I work from home so I have to balance time for writing, promotion, and all that with the demands of the family and home, something I didn’t have to deal with when I worked in an office.

To help keep the right frame of mind, I’ve created a business report for the past month or so. The Happy Business Games Report for May – June 2011 covers our sales, expenses, profits, and marketing. To summarize: Triune sold 21 copies in the first month. We’re still a good $500 in the hole and need to sell 50 more copies to reach our break-even point. However, we’re close to getting physical copies printed for distribution through Indie Press Revolution and that will help a lot.

Feel free to download and check it out, especially if you’re a small press publisher like myself. I’m always happy to be transparent and discuss the details about setting up HBG and getting Triune out the door. (Mostly because I’m egotistical and love talking about myself.)

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