Dennis Adams: Hegemonic Hypocracy (Again)

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Dennis AdamsMy friends, we all know the Hegemony is run by idiots and sympathizers. We expect hypocracy because that’s what they do! They are hypocritical to absurdity. Now, normally I try to ignore their hypocracy because it’s not news. Should I report every time a dog barks? But sometimes it just gets me so angry, and it’s so blatant, that I need to inform you of just how bad it is.

This morning, Congress–the Hegemonic Congress, not any true governmental body–declined to even hear debate on the Grier-Rudman Bill. For those of you who don’t follow Congress as closely as I have to, and believe me, I wouldn’t if it weren’t part of this job, the Grier-Rudman Bill would have revoked th so-called “cultural” protections on religious sites in the Hegemony, allowing nations to destroy them to prevent further infections of the good citizens of humanity with religion.

Not even hear debate? What are they afraid of? Oh, that’s right–they’re afriad of angering their angelic and devilish buddies. They want places like Vatacan City, Varanasi, and Mecca to remain untouched! They want humans to see these places and, as Congress hopes, to come away with religious sympathies! Why else wouldn’t they support the destruction of such obvious religious recruitment centers?

I can hear you liberals braying already. “But these are cultural landmarks!” So? The French turned Notre Dame into a memorial for the humans who bravely fought and died against Heaven and Hell in the Trinity War. There! Landmark saved! And more importantly, our children will grow up seeing the cathedral as a point of human pride, not religion. The Grier-Rudman Bill would have allowed that, but no! We can’t even talk about changing these sites!

There you have it, my friends. The Hegemony, which claims to be all that stands between humanity and the extra-universals who would turn us into cattle and slaves, won’t even discuss the option of maybe changing some of the obviously religious sites left on Earth. Hypocritical? You bet. Typical? Unfortunately, yes.

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