Customized adventure? Yes!

Our Kickstarter campaign for Outlive Outdead is steadily growing and now stands at 57% of our goal. Keep those pledges coming!

We’ve just released an update explaining all of the customization options for the introductory adventure. For those who aren’t aware, Outlive Outdead includes an episode (our game’s name for an adventure) specifically designed to help teach the rules. If you pledge $15 or more, we will customize the episode with place names and people that you give us. That means the pregenerated human characters can be you and your friends. Also, the episode can be set in your home, with local stores and cities replacing the ones we wrote.

It’s a small change but one that we’re really excited about. It’s kind of neat to see your home town and friends in a PDF or printed game, don’t you think? And this is for $15, which is a reasonable price for a roleplaying game PDF. The customization options continue at all higher reward levels too, meaning your softcover or even hardcover game  can include your hometown too!

Please, if you can, tell everyone you know about our Kickstarter campaign so we can get Outlive Outdead published. Thanks!

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