The Non-Existent Blue Line

What’s a warrant? What’s evidence, and how do you get it? When can the police shoot a guy? I thought these questions were easily answered, which means they weren’t.

In Triune RPG, players take roles as enforcers–a special police unit dedicated to enforcing the Treaty of Pavonis Station and keeping angels, devils, and their human sympathizers from doing anything naughty. But as I went through playtesting and my own fevered thoughts of self-doubt and anxiety, I noticed players had a difficult time playing police officers. Do the players understand they’re playing police? Do they need to?

Solution! Happy Bishop Games is working on an Enforcement Officer Handbook, a short but free download written “in-character” that emphasizes the policeman angle of the gameplay. For example, enforcers are now officially referred to as Enforcement Officers. I love that title. It sounds bureaucratic, mildly authoritative, and vaguely like some kind of park ranger. (“Put down that picnic basket or I will fire!”) It also has a welcome letter from their boss, an NPC named Congressman Lessing, and some hints about how to act like a police officer.

My hopes is that this will help players enjoy the game. For example, the handbook lists some rules of evidence and the use of force. After reading this, players should better know what their character can and cannot do in the setting. And of course, like most RPG stuff, players can completely ignore it if they want to go in a different direction.

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