No extra cost for a PDF

Getting Triune available for purchase as a softcover rather than a PDF was harder than we thought, but it’s more or less ready. You can order the Players’ Edition of the Triune Corebook as a softcover from DriveThruRPG. Even better news? Order the softcover and you’ll get the PDF version for FREE!

We figured you deserve a PDF version if you’re buying a physical one as well. Beats trying to scan the whole book! Plus, it’s just nice. For only $19.99, you get the softcover and the PDF. How’s that for a deal?

Currently, the Gamemasters’ Edition of the Triune Corebook is only available as a PDF. The fine folks over at DriveThruRPG (or OneBookShelf as the parent company is known) are evaluating the files and sending them to the printer. Once it’s ready, it will also come with a free PDF version.

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