HBG seeks non-English speakers

Can you write in English and another language? Want to earn some money?

See, there are many gamers in the world who do not read English. We want to expand our product lines to reach as many people as possible. Unfortunately, no one here speaks anything other than English, so we are turning to others for help. However, instead of hiring individuals as freelancers, we will license the translated edition to you, allowing you to sell the game and earn the profits directly.

Here’s the basics:

  1. We send you a copy of the game and a text-only copy to work with.
  2. You translate the text-only copy and send it back to us.
  3. We replace English in the original file with your translation. Then we send the translated copy back to you.
  4. You sell it (PDF or print) in whatever markets you can find, even your own website.
  5. You send us 30% of the profits for the first three (3) months. After that, it’s all yours.
To be honest, this will not be a huge money-maker for any of us. It’s more about spreading roleplaying games into non-English markets, something I think has been sorely underdone. Still, there is some money to be earned. How many millions speak Spanish, Chinese, or Hindi?
Yes, we are looking for just about any language that you can translate and think can sell. Even if you speak Esperanto, Klingon, or Loglan, have at it!
Those who are interested, or just curious, should send us an email so we can start talking about it.


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