HBG GenCon 2011 Report

We have been back from GenCon 2011 for a few days now, but it’s taken that long to get rid of the GenCon Crud, heal our tired legs, catch up on sleep, and remember we have a life outside of GenCon that goes on whether we’re paying attention or not. Now that all our bills are paid and relationships rediscovered, here’s our report.

We ran several games of Triune at GenCon, and each one was a big success. The players loved it! Every game ran long but, as one player put it, “This is how much I like [Triune]. I stayed long. I never stay long!” Thank you to one and all who played with us.

Indie Press Revolution took Triune to GenCon and sold it from their booth. However, prices of booths have gone up a lot and IPR had a tiny half-booth. It was sad to see. I remember GenCon 2008 when IPR had a huge area where designers demoed their rpgs on demand. In 2011, there was only room enough for two people in the entire booth. I don’t blame IPR–I know they’re great folk who are committed to indie and small press games–but it’s still sad.

We have no idea how many we sold at GenCon. According to IPR’s inventory, we’re down nine copies from our initial shipment, although some or all could have been sold to retail stores. Hey, a sale is a sale!

I spent some time playing rpgs that I’ve never played before. Besides wanting to have fun, I wanted to see how the games played out: Mechanics, player interactions, impact of GMs, and the experience itself. I’ll be posting my thoughts on the games Dying Earth, Eclipse Phase, Gamma World, Dread, and Unity Underground in the upcoming posts. See you then!

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