Calling All Religious Gamers!

Happy Bishop Games is getting close to finishing the first draft of its rpg Triune. The game uses real religions as character classes and ties super powers into said religions as prayers. For example, a character with levels in Christianity can use a prayer called Power of the Holy Spirit to lesses the effect of a failed roll.

We’ve been through many playtests successfully. (“Successfully” meaning we’ve found plenty of mistakes and problems, and hopefully corrected them.) That said, we’re looking for religious gamers to look over our prayers/powers and see if they make sense.

For example, one Buddhism prayer is “Nirodha – Cause another to change his mind about wanting something he currently does not own or possess.” Is that a good use for the term Nirodha? We think so but none of us are Buddhists. The POV of an actual Buddhist gamer would be invaluable to making sure our design is respectful and sensible.

We are looking for gamers who are: Buddhist, Christian, Chinese (Confucianism, Taoism, etc.), Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim. If you follow any of these faiths, to any extent, and are willing to help us out, we will be happy to list you in our book as “Expert Consultants”. Please reply here or email us at wjmacguffin (at) gmail.


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