Triune Gameaster’s Edition (PDF) available at DriveThruRPG or Indie Press Revolution!

Triune is a unique roleplaying game combining religion, science fiction, and police drama. Players take roles as police investigating angelic and devilish influence in a futuristic cold war between Heaven, Hell, and humanity. But whose side are you really on?

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Triune has some innovative concepts such as:

  • The Effort System, a strategic d10 mechanic that allows players to decide how much effort their character puts into an action. You control how much risk and reward are on the line with every die roll!
  • The Weave, an internet-like system that lets characters pull gear out of thin air. No more cursing over not having the exact equipment needed for an adventure!
  • No character death! You can die and return to the action–with a price.
  • Faiths as character classes. Not only can you play a level 4 Buddhist, but all characters have three classes: one for Heaven, one for Hell, and one for the Hegemony. Characters are multifaceted, conflicted, and even hypocritical just as in real life!
  • Three ways to play! Triune offers three ways to play the game, each offering a very different experience. You can be heroes, hypocritical heroes, or compete against other players!
  • Change the Universe! All societies are numerically rated in their faith in Heaven, Hell, and Hegemony. During the game, you have a chance to alter those ratings and push society towards the side you want. Your play affects the setting!

Available at DriveThruRPG or Indie Press Revolution.